The Plural of Lexus

April 30th, 2019 by

Brought up from time to time, your local Lexus of Wichita writer Taylor McKee (aka me) is actually an English major who’s just spent a few years working in marketing with our wonderful team. And throughout my years of working with the Lexus brand, coming up on 9 years as of writing this, I’ve always had one burning, itching question in the back of my mind; what is the plural of Lexus?

So as an English major, and having studied a multitude of languages at Wichita State University including French, Chinese, Arabic, and a semester of Latin, I can definitively tell you that for all Latin/Romantic based words in the English language, a word ending with the suffix –us­ is supposed to change to a plural of –i. Now, there are a few exceptions, such as the plural of campus being campuses (cause honestly, campi sounds ridiculous), however, most words follow this rule: Examples include platypi (platypus), rhinoceri (rhinoceros), cacti (cactus), and foci (focus).

So, at least per the English logic utilizing words that end in –us, or at least that sound, Lexus should probably be pluralized as ‘Lexi’. However, you may think it could be an exception, and therefore should be ‘Lexuses’ similar to ‘campuses’. But Twitter user @WafflesBeTasty (fantastic name) recently took to the Lexus Twitter handle to request an answer for such an important question: @Lexus How do you refer do multiples of your cars? Lexuses? Lexi? Much Lexus? Journalists love that joke, but what actually is the answer? Asking for a friend”

The answer, I fear, although holding true to the worthiness of the name Lexus, was not the answer I had hoped to hear. The plural form of Lexus is ‘Lexus’. So on that note, I’ll just leave you with a pretty cool Lexus commercial over the RC F Track Edition.

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