New Standard Safety Features on Lexus Vehicles

June 28th, 2019 by

Lexus has always been known for developing safe, reliable vehicles, and they’re looking to continue that trend in 2020, with a suite of safety features that will now be standard across all Lexus vehicles. Although currently available, it must be chosen as an option on the vehicle; by making the following features standard, Lexus not only ensures their owners are safer on the road, but brings down the overall cost of their vehicles by improving production costs.

Lexus Safety System

One of the first features becoming standard on all 2020 Lexus vehicles includes the Lane Departure Warning. Using high-res cameras, the vehicle tracks your location in the lane as you’re driving, and assists in keeping you in the lane. It does this by setting off audio and visual warnings, as well as vibrating the steering wheel, if you drift out of your lane while going over 32 miles per hour. This is fantastic for driving for extended period to help anyone stay alert on the road.

The next feature coming to the standard safety suite includes automatic high beams. When driving at night, high beams will automatically engage depending on how dark it is, and whether or not the system detects another vehicles headlamps or taillights. Better visibility at night is definitely a must-have for most drivers; I remember changing from my previous vehicle into a more modern car, and the change astronomical.

Another feature is Adaptive Cruise Control, which has become a staple on most vehicles these days, and is an exciting addition to the standard for Lexus. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control operates just like normal cruise control wherein drivers set their desired speed and the vehicle looks to  maintain that; but adaptive cruise takes that a step further by ensuring that when reaching minimum following distance behind another vehicle, that distance will be maintained, minimizing rear-end collision potential.

Finally, and most importantly to me, Lexus is making the Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection a standard option.  Able to detect both pedestrians and vehicles in front of the Lexus, the vehicle will attempt to anticipate any potential collisions, and will present solutions from just warning the driver, to bringing the vehicle to a full stop to ensure no one is hurt. Its intuitive technology proven to save lives, and Lexus is looking to ensure all their drivers are at as little risk as possible on the road.

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