Lexus GX Off-Road Concept

July 31st, 2019 by

Lexus has not typically been known as a brand that would go off-road, treading paths of dirt and gravel, but instead aiming to conquer suburban streets in as much comfort as possible. In my almost nine years with the Lexus brand, I have only ever once seen a Lexus used for off-roading, and sadly had to wash that car, but it was not equipped with proper tires, off-road suspension, or anything else customary for a trekking vehicle.

Lexus GXOR Concept

Yet, Lexus has decided to drop all the pretenses and have created a concept GX Off-Road edition, ready to tackle any environment in style, comfort, and capability. Debuted at the FJ Summit off-road driving event in Colorado, the GXOR is packed to the brim with off-road capability thanks to the established aftermarket of the GX and Land Cruiser Prado. With everything from a safari snorkel to an overland 160-watt solar panel, and even fully loaded Patriot Campers X1H trailer, this is no soccer mom’s vehicle (unless you’re playing soccer in the safaris of Africa).

Admittedly, there’s more to off-roading than just slapping on every single aftermarket off-road piece you can find, and Lexus made sure the power and engineering necessary to go off-road were built into the GXOR. With a V8 gas engine underneath the hood and four-wheel drive with locking center differential, the GXOR is fully capable of tackling the toughest nature has to dish out. Combined with Lexus using body-on-frame construction (the frame and body are two separate pieces, ensuring any twisting of the frame doesn’t stretch and/or damage the body), the GXOR is surprisingly one of the most capable off-road vehicles out there, especially with all the luxury finishes.

My recommendation though would be to watch the below video straight from Lexus, and see for yourself how well the Lexus GXOR handles natures’ toughest.

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