Lexus GT Racing – Why Now?

March 29th, 2019 by

Lexus has long been known for the creature comforts of their vehicles; soft, luxurious rides, with all the potential amenities and needs available at the driver’s fingertips. Yet, in recent years, Lexus has chosen to chase more aggressive designs, while also developing some immense, incredibly engineered performance vehicles. Now, with the Lexus RC F Track Edition revealed at NAIAS in Detroit, Lexus seems to have set their eyes on something even more performance based.

Lexus began racing GT vehicles back in 2018, and was able to secure two wins; this year though, they’re looking to push the envelope even more with their racing capable Lexus RC F GTD racers. Just earlier this month, they took to the course at the Daytona International Speedway for the legendary Rolex 24. But why would Lexus take to the race track now, after all these years?

In the words of Cooper Erickson, vice president of Lexus product planning and strategy, “We want to move the brand in a little more exciting, fun direction. Motorsport is an effective way to get in front of consumers and put yourself out there.” This trend can be seen in everything from the first test at a Lexus supercar, the Lexus LFA, to the recent engineering of the RC F to such peak performance levels.  Yet, these days, to continue to compete against other luxury brands, Lexus has chosen to move out of their comfort zones; more than just creating performance based vehicles, they are looking to establish within their brand that not only are they capable of creating the most luxurious vehicles, but also the highest performing.

Which is exactly what takes us back to the racetrack, and the Lexus RC F GTD racing vehicles. The best place to prove performance, especially before releasing a performance vehicle, is on the track. To beat the likes of Aston Martin, Porsche, BMW, and others, Lexus will have to create astounding vehicles, and surely will. I look forward to the engineering behind these vehicles, as Lexus first revolutionized the luxury import market when first released, and will hopefully revolutionize the performance market as well.

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