Autonomous Driving Almost Available for Lexus!

February 29th, 2020 by

Tesla is looking to unleash a system similar to the Tesla Autopilot, but with two advantages…one of which, is it’s available in a Lexus.

Tesla Autopilot is likely the system you’ve seen videos of, where someone has managed to fall asleep while driving their Tesla, and yet continue to drive in a safe manner. Even though that is not only unsafe, and definitely illegal, Tesla has stated that their Autopilot system requires drivers to keep hands on the steering wheel at all times. Tesla has even called the system ‘full self-driving’, even though that is completely inaccurate.

Lexus’ new Highway Teammate is the system Lexus has developed that will be unveiled in one of their vehicles later this year. Capable of everything the Tesla Autopilot is, Highway Teammate has additional features that take it far beyond the Tesla system; from the ability to take your hands off the steering wheel, to changing lanes and passing vehicles on its own.

Driver’s will still be required to (and should) be keeping their eyes on the road, but this new autonomous option for Lexus vehicles will definitely help keep moving the Lexus benchmark forward.

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