The Release of the Lexus LY 650

October 30th, 2019 by

We wrote about the Lexus LY 650 quite a while ago, but after getting this fully loaded Lexus yacht through production, the LY 650 is finally ready for release this month at only $3.7 million.

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The LY 650 actually comes two years after Lexus first began testing the waters with yacht –making. Now, built in collaboration with Marquis Yachts, this 65-foot long Lexus is still everything you’d expect from a combination of Lexus design and seafaring capability. With an all carbon fiber exterior, and sleek coupe-like styling, the LY 650 looks like a sport coupe turned yacht. Whether positioned behind the wheel of the LY 650 or on the front deck, you can take in the full performance and comfort of this nautical vehicle from the comfort of white leather-clad seats in pure Lexus style

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Meanwhile inside the cabin, Venice-based firm Nuvolari Lenard has handled the Lexus-performance inspiration laden throughout the interior design. Between the white trim and dark wood cabinetry, as well as the large Lexus logo emblazoned in white on the floor, the interior is pure Lexus comfort. Outfitted with three bedrooms, and space for up to six to sleep comfortably and 15 for an evening out on the ocean, everyone can come out to enjoy your new Lexus.

Even between the staterooms and the salon, you can find more Lexus comforts; a Miele coffee machine and temperature-controlled wine fridge ensure you’re covered for any beverage day or night. Each stateroom also comes with its own personal shower, while leather drawer pulls and white leather interior doors bring in more luxury throughout.

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When purchasing a Lexus vehicle, whether nautical or confined to the roads, Lexus is consistently able to showcase comforts unlike any other vehicle or designer.

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