Early Lease Termination

Leasing a vehicle is often a great idea for Kansas shoppers who want to keep their options open but still get the transportation they need to get by. When you lease, you can enjoy more affordable monthly payments than you would make if you were financing, and your auto maintenance process is often a lot easier. You also get to avoid being tied to a particular model long-term because of the auto loan you took out; instead, you’ll drive a new model every couple of years and get to cruise around in some of the finest Lexus vehicles on the road today. Still, there are times when leasing is not the right decision for you, and sometimes that happens while you’re already locked into a contract.

You might want to terminate your lease early if…

  • You need to reduce your monthly spending and want lower car payments.
  • You drove more than you expected and are now nearly out of miles.
  • You’ve decided to purchase the Lexus you’re leasing.
  • The small coupe you lease no longer suits your lifestyle or expanded family.
  • Your luxury SUV lacks the fuel economy to handle your lengthy travels.
  • Your performance vehicle isn’t right for the rocky roads you travel.
  • You want to drive a different Lexus.
  • You don’t need a vehicle any longer.

Think you need to bring your lease to an end ahead of schedule? Then get in contact with our experienced Lexus dealership. We make it our mission to provide the customer service and car care that every Kansas shopper deserves, and we would be happy to give you a hand with this issue. Feel free to come to us whenever you must terminate your lease before the maturity date, regardless of how much time remains. We’ll help you terminate it and prevent you from dealing with excessive early termination fees. Of course, if you are hoping to renew your lease or get into a new Lexus lease, we’ll help you with that, too. Lexus of Wichita even assists non-Lexus customers with ending their leases, so it doesn’t matter what kind of car, truck, SUV or van you’re driving. Come to Walser Lexus of Wichita now and we will start the process right away!